Random Shutdown

Shawn Christopher schristopheraz at gmail.com
Sun May 22 19:38:34 UTC 2005

I had the problem before of my computer just randomly shutting down and 
rebooting. I found that disabling ACPI with acpi=off in the boot params 
for the kernel fixed it. Sadly since then I had to go back to Windows 
which then stays up forever. After I was done with what I needed Windows 
for I went back to Ubuntu and now it is shutting down randomly HOWEVER 
this time I do have ACPI turned off. ACPI isn't even a real option 
because my computer doesn't have ACPI capable board. When I try acpi -V 
from CLI it reports back  Thermal 1: passive active[0], 4294967040.0 
degrees C which comes out to 7730940704 degrees Fahrenheit according to 

So not only can't I depend on ACPI but I figured out how to harness the 
heat of the sun in my CPU. Is there anything anyone can recommend to 
stop it from shuttind down? Can I apt-get remove acpi? I'm halfway 
tempted to completly pulling the sides off my computer and seeing if 
that has anything to do with it...if the CPU is overheating that badly 
should I really be able to turn it right back on and keep going till the 
next shutdown?


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