AMD64-939 motherboards

coolmike890 ulist at
Sun May 22 04:17:14 UTC 2005

I really like the A8N-SLI. I've got some impressive performance out of
it so far. I recommend nVidia cards for sure - esp. if you ever plan on
upgrading your video solution. SLI is quite impressive. It is also my
understanding that nVidia drivers are generally better than ATI for

I must point out that I'm fairly new to Ubuntu, so I haven't got all of
the drivers figured out yet.

Anyone using the A8N-SLI with nVidia cards please help. I tried
installing the nVidia linux chipset drivers, but it caused me problems.
My keyb. stopped working, and the CPU stopped scaliing. What drivers are
safe to install? Are there any tricks?



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