Very slow ripping

mr_mop ulist at
Fri May 20 08:14:05 UTC 2005

Andrew Zajac Wrote: 
> If you go into the configuration editor, under sound juicer, and

> change the paranoia level to zero, it should rip just as in windows. 

> No error-correction, that is.

With no error checking I get a x5 speed rip with sound juicer.  In
Realplayer under windows on the same machine I get x5 with error
checking.  Without error checking, well the CD spins up and goes mad.

This is the same machine set up to dual boot windows and ubuntu, so
there should be no difference really.

Has anyone got a better fix than remvoing the error checking?

As a side note, my CD does spin up to a fast speed in Soundjuicer, but
after about a couple of seconds it drops down again.  What is doing
this change in speed?


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