the power of being root, scary movie III

Erik Bågfors zindar at
Thu May 19 14:46:09 UTC 2005

It's quite simple to set up so that some users can only do backups
etc.  But "root" is god... :)

The rest is more political than anything else. So I'll leave that.


On 5/17/05, sn00bb0rn.linux gmail <sn00bb0rn.linux at> wrote:
> Dear all,
> Thank you so much for all replies. Sorry about the thread, I was in
> digest mode, but now I have switch to single post due to the "newbie
> friendly" nature of most of you.
> I have read all replies, I think the concept of *all or nothing* is
> quite crystal clear to me. But it scares me up now. As I recall (I hope
> not false remembering) even Windows has some arragement about this. They
> share the power to some specialized admins, e.g some only do backups etc.
> A friend of mine once tells me about a local foreign invesment factory
> that only let all employee to use the pc but not letting 'em to alter
> it's configuration state in anyway. If an employee has proved to install
> something that not authorized by admin, s[he] will *automatically get
> fired*. Let alone to install their own OSes. A good security practice I
> guess.
> This arise my curiosity, how *common employee* from most coorporation
> deals with this situation in daily pratical life these days, you know
> considering "office politics" ? Like those in accounting dept, HRD etc.
> Are they mostly do encryption ?
> I'm still learning linux now, but in my own home box and ubuntu install
> gnupg by default. In offices can we keep the root/admin hands off from
> all of our ecryption stuff (bin,config,key,data), except only for formal
> written approval ?
> Give me some llight please.
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