the power of being root, scary movie III

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Tue May 17 08:22:22 UTC 2005

Dear all,

Thank you so much for all replies. Sorry about the thread, I was in 
digest mode, but now I have switch to single post due to the "newbie 
friendly" nature of most of you.

I have read all replies, I think the concept of *all or nothing* is 
quite crystal clear to me. But it scares me up now. As I recall (I hope 
not false remembering) even Windows has some arragement about this. They 
share the power to some specialized admins, e.g some only do backups etc.
A friend of mine once tells me about a local foreign invesment factory 
that only let all employee to use the pc but not letting 'em to alter 
it's configuration state in anyway. If an employee has proved to install 
something that not authorized by admin, s[he] will *automatically get 
fired*. Let alone to install their own OSes. A good security practice I 
This arise my curiosity, how *common employee* from most coorporation 
deals with this situation in daily pratical life these days, you know 
considering "office politics" ? Like those in accounting dept, HRD etc. 
Are they mostly do encryption ?
I'm still learning linux now, but in my own home box and ubuntu install 
gnupg by default. In offices can we keep the root/admin hands off from 
all of our ecryption stuff (bin,config,key,data), except only for formal 
written approval ?

Give me some llight please.

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