Install and post-install questions

Michael Beattie mtbeedee at
Wed May 18 12:52:56 UTC 2005

On 5/18/05, simi <simi_id at> wrote:
> Hello again, 
> I'm a newbie in Ubuntu. Finally I managed to install UBUNTU 5.04 without any
> problems and I have some post install questions: 
> 1. If I make in a propriety window some changes, how can I revert to default
> settings or previously settings ? Because pressing Close button or the upper
> X it will not skip the changes. 

Press Cancel?  That should cancel the changes

> 2. What is the default root password ? Cause by default is booting with the
> created guest account. Why doesn't start by default as root ? Where to
> change root password ? This mean that anyone can use root or what ? 
There is none.  The root account is disabled by default.  Using the
machine as root it a bad idea.  Use sudo to do things you think you
need root for.

> 3. Why I can't login as root in Gnome ? 
see above.

> 4. Save Current Setup when logging out ... what does this mean ? What is
> saving ? 
gnome saves which windows are open and then reopens them when logging
back in.  That is if the program cooperates...

> 5. How can I set not to start in Gnome ? To boot directly into console not X
> Server. 

go to a terminal and remove the gdm start script in /etc/rc2.d

> 6. How to install kernel source files ? Cause I need to install my NForce2
> drivers and the installer need to compile a new kernel and does not find
> kernel sources. 

check for how to install nvidia drivers.  They have a
little explanation.

> 7. Is there a Midnight Commander alternative ?


Applications > System Tools > File Browser

I am not familiar with midnight commander, but it's a file manager
thing right?  That should be a replacement.

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