German localisation problem with 5.04

Neil Woolford neil at
Tue May 17 15:45:33 UTC 2005

At 16:31 17/05/05, you wrote:

>when installing hoary, I told him to use "C" as system locale.
>Lateron I ran "dpkg-reconfigure locales" and added more locales
>to my system. In my /etc/locale.gen there are the following entries now:
>de_DE ISO-8859-1
>de_DE.UTF-8 UTF-8
>de_DE.UTF-8 at euro UTF-8
>de_DE at euro ISO-8859-15
>When I logged in with gdm, I selected to use de_DE.UTF-8 at euro.
>So far so good, but my gnome desktop is using english and german now.
>For example the menu (top panel / left hand side) has "Applications -- 
>Places -- System"
>and inside the pulldown menu it is german. Nautilus is completly in english.
>How do I get X to be in german, while the system itself is using the "C" 

I think (from setting up French locales) that you need to add language 
support packages;  the
locales provide the keyboard and character support but not *all* the 
translations for the desktop.
I'm not at my Ubuntu machine right now, but I seem to remember that the 
packages are easy
enough to find with synaptic.


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