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> Hello, i am using an old knoppix distribtion, its kernel is 2.4.26.
> Because i have to make this distribtion support for more hareware
> such as kinds of sound, video card. On the other hand, one of my
> friend had did a lot remaster work on this distribiton. It seems
> difficult for updating kernel 2.4.** to 2.4.6 in old knoppix
> distribtion. So, anyone can give me some advice? Is it easy for
> Ubuntu(Kbuntu) to update its kernel and how well hardware support
> for Ubuntu(Kbuntu)? thx very much!!

Do you boot Knoppix from CD or do you use a hard disk installation? If
your Linux is installed on a hard disk it's no problem at all to
exchange the kernel. You can either download a new kernel from the
Debian repositories by using apt-get or you can build a custom kernel
from the vanilla sources.

If you don't have a hard disk installation it's always very difficult
to change the kernel on a Live CD. In fact, that would require
remastering the CD and building your own CD. But if the kernel version
is the only problem you should just consider using a newer version of

In general the hardware support of Ubuntu/Kubuntu is very good but, of
course, the question if Ubuntu fits your requirements depends on the
hardware you use. If installed on a hard disk it's no problem to use
another kernel, but I wouldn't recommend this. One advantage of Ubuntu
is the security support and therefore it's always better to use the
default packages - in this case the default kernel - to make sure that
it will replaced by a fixed version if needed.


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