recommendations for wiki like software or something beyond wikis

Walter Tautz wtautz at
Mon May 16 18:30:19 UTC 2005

S. Donig wrote:

>>Hi folks, I was wondering if you folks could recommend some kind of web 
>>content managed system that allows easy entry of various kinds of data.
>>Mostly text based but with the possibility of inserting graphics. It 
>>would be nice
>>if this system would allow for style sheets, and the ability to print 
>>hard copies.
>>I suspect a wiki may be sufficient. Favourites?
>Naturally I don't know what your needs are, but how about typo3 or zope?
>Typo3 can be hard to set up, but both have as far I remember great
>abilities in integrating additional content, for instance OpenOffice and
>Word documents. Both have also an own management module for
>images/image-galleries. Another nice one is WebGui. 
>zope &
>typo3: &
>typo3 &
Thanks for the suggestions. I've already tried kwiki and it seems to be
easy to setup at least...

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