Next Question: Is it my lousy gerbil-powered computer?

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Sun May 15 00:02:02 UTC 2005

That system is pretty small to run X. I used to have a system with specs 
like that, and I got X to run but not with gnome or kde. I think was running 
fvwm. Also don't expect applications like Firefox or Thunderbird to run with 
that much memory. I basically had a bunch of xterms and I ran console apps, 
like mutt and lynx. 


On 5/14/05, Randy Forston <rforston at> wrote:
> >Sent: Saturday, May 14, 2005 3:03 PM
> >Object: Next Question: Is it my lousy gerbil-powered computer?
> >...get a message that I have "relatively little memory" (to say the
> >least), and now the thing has hung permanently.
> >If I uninstall Win98 to free up some memory, and then *install* Ubuntu
> >from the Install disk I burned, what do we think the chances are that it
> >will load up and function properly?"
> >If it matters, the aforesaid Gerbil XX1000 has 2.1 G hard drive, a
> >blinding 48 MB of RAM, and a dazzling 166mHz chip.
> Robert,
> "Memory", in this case probably means RAM, not storage memory (the hard
> drive).
> I'd add more RAM to your system, first.
> 128 Meg of RAM, would be my suggestion. More if you can afford it.
> Here's how you might check your hard drive for install space:
> If you bring up a DOS prompt in Win95, type dir and you'll see a listing
> of your directories scroll by, with the amount of free space left on your
> hard drive at the very bottom. My guess is you've enough space there.
> Hopefully, you'll have a gig or so free, if not, then you can start
> deleting.
> I'm not sure of the amount of disk storage a basic Ubuntu install takes 
> up,
> I've never stopped to look ...... someone better informed than me, will
> probably speak up tho.
> Cheers,
> Randy <rforston at>
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