Distributing Firefox updates as XPIs

nocturn ulist at gs1.ubuntuforums.org
Fri May 13 07:03:48 UTC 2005

Stephen R Laniel Wrote: 
> Is there any reason why Firefox updates couldn't be
> distributed as XPIs? I just tried to download a Firefox
> extension, and I was told that I couldn't do so until I
> upgraded Firefox to 1.04. I'm running a 100% Ubuntu system,
> so I hesitate to upgrade such things outside of apt-get. But
> even with Debianized Ubuntu, users can still upgrade their
> ~/.mozilla/firefox/plugins directory. So I'd like to see
> changes to the product pushed into XPIs if possible. 
> Is there any reason why this is infeasible? One nice way to
> make it work is to label the 1.04-upgrade XPI incompatible
> with Firefox 1.04 itself; then if your site admin upgraded
> Firefox to the latest version, Firefox would stop using the
> XPI that you'd installed in your home directory.
> Just a thought. Maybe I'll file a wishlist bug on this.

Yes, The XPI's are installed as a regular user (not root).  They can
install software in your home-directory.

FF is installed system wide (as root).  That is one reason why XPI
updates will not work.


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