Ubuntu Book by O'Reilly?

Brian Astill bastill at adam.com.au
Fri May 13 01:01:08 UTC 2005

On Fri, 13 May 2005 05:09 am, Tom Adelstein wrote:

> O'Reilly & Associates has an interest in releasing a book for Ubuntu
> users. While all Linux books sales have increased significantly in 2005,
> books on specific distributions like Fedora, Debian and JDS typically
> lag behind the market.

Because they don't help as they should.
This list has been helpful to me in offering commands I didn't know existed, 
like alsamixer, lsmod, iptables, netstat.  (Fortunately I _knew_ "ifconfig 
-a"  :-)  )  Most books won't find these helpful things for you.

Your book should be entitled "The Complete Ubuntu-Debian Book, 1st Edition".
By the time it is published it will include the Breezy release (and perhaps 
the one after that?).  It should also include references to both gnome and 
KDE to please me :-) and Kubuntu users.
Each chapter should address a specific computing area and be split into three 
sections. 1 The Basics; 2. Technical explanation; 3. Advanced techniques and 
Section 1 would have references to Section 3 (if this doesn't work see the 
troubleshooting section under _this_ heading).
The book will have a _really_ extensive index at the back (and might include a 
live CD?).

Given this structure the book would probably appeal to ubuntu AND debian users 
PLUS many linux users who struggle through simple things - like setting up a 
SOHO network.  :-)


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