Ubuntu Book by O'Reilly?

June O. Snedecor snedecor at cgl.ucsf.edu
Fri May 13 00:18:22 UTC 2005

Tom Adelstein wrote:

>What kind of book would would people want? a newbie book, a book for
>experienced Linux users or somewhere in between?
I would personally gear it more towards newbies, just because Ubuntu 
tends to get a lot of people who are new to Linux or not really 
interested in tweaking configuration as much as in something like 
Gentoo. Also, when you're learning a distribution or Linux in general 
for the first time, it's handy to have something to give you the basics 
of how the system is put together so that when you want to know about 
something you have the right terminology to actually find it. Once you 
gain some experience, it's easier to find help online and on mailing 
lists and such since you have a better grasp of what kind of questions 
you'd even want to ask.

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