Ubuntu Book by O'Reilly?

Ashton Lafferty cogneato at gmail.com
Thu May 12 20:34:30 UTC 2005

 Without flaming this post, please, what do you think? Would an O'Reilly
> Book on Ubuntu have a following?
> What kind of book would would people want? a newbie book, a book for
> experienced Linux users or somewhere in between? 
> I've only been subscribed to this list for a few weeks, and recall seeing 
a few questions asking about which books to get for Ubuntu. In fact, I just 
recieved my copy of Linux Desktop Hacks which I ordered based on someone's 
suggestion to such a question. I would definitely be interested in a book 
specific to Ubuntu. Newbie works for me, because that's what I am. But I 
probably wouldv'e bought whatever was available, no matter the level.


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