AW: Blood Lesson WARNING re "WARTY" Install

Gerhard Gaußling ggrubbish at
Tue May 10 17:10:04 UTC 2005

Am Dienstag 10 Mai 2005 10:13 schrieb nocturn:
> but I don't think saving the
> existing one should be the default either.

No, I can't agree here! The installer should as default leave the other 
partititions untouched, because otherways the user might run into the 
trouble of data loss. And that's a strong reason to choose the opposite 
default. This is easy to do:

Should the Installer use the whole disk for ubuntu?
 [ *] No, please leave the existing partitition untouched.
 +- In this case the Installer can offer a choise between:
  [*] shrink the existing partitition if possible and 
      advice the user to make a backup, WARNING! 
      shrink the partitition  could lead into data loss.
  [ ] Interrupt the installation, and Mention the 
      possibility to make a backup and shrink the 
      partitition with other tools and OS's.
[  ] Yes, delete all data from the disk, to install ubuntu on the 
    whole disk. WARNING! This will destroy all data on your Computer!
    Please, make sure, that you made already a backup of your data.

That's easy - isn't it? 

Ubuntu is a very easy to use linux distro with a focus on usability, so 
it might be interested to be also usable for people who are not that 
much into computers.

BTW: I was confronted with the same situation (hoary), but I was pretty 
sure about what to do. But it wasn't that intuitive to find out how to 
use the partitioning tool. I was used to use cfdisk or fdisk ;-)

After pointing out how to partitition the disk, the tool was quite easy 
to use. 

Just my two cents.  

Kind regards

Gerhard Gaußling

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