AW: Blood Lesson WARNING re "WARTY" Install

Arjan Geven - CURE geven at
Tue May 10 07:35:37 UTC 2005

> Yes, it did.  The installer popped up some questions about
> partitioning, and you had the default one (use entire disk).

> To save your partitions, you need to manually create space and add the
> partitions you need.  This is not the best situation for newbie users,
> I do admit that.

> nocturn

Who's to blame in a situation where a system defaults to erasing an
entire disk and whiping out all data: The user who did not read
carefully enough, or the software that defaults to erasing all data? 

Anyone remember Three Miles Island? The operators made huge mistakes
during analysis of all the blinking lights, warning messages, etc, and
shut the wrong valves as a result. Are they to blame, or was the design
of the system wrong? I say, the system, for it was a fundamental design
fault. The same here, I'd argue it's NOT the user's fault, but the
systems, if it doesn't provide clear instructions on what to do. 

Yes, it might be clear to some of you, but apparently, it's not clear to
everybody. Usability should always come first. Perhaps the installer for
Breezy can be changed a little so that these kinds of mistakes don't
happen as fast in the future?


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