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Bernhard wrote:
| || iwconfig || lists wlan0 as my wireless device, which is fine. When I
| try to set up the wireless connection via the network-manager, I can
| choose the device and the available essids of the wlan-net are there as
| well.

So your notebook is able to see the AP?! In case of doubt, try
'$iwlist scan' and ensure that the AP you're trying to connect to is listed.


| One possible problem is, that while trying to get information via dhcp,
| the subnetmask is used. However, when I connect to the
| wlan-net in windows, I clearly see that the used subnet mask is
That's rather strange.. *.252??? You could try and have a look in
/etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf and/or the man page(s) (man dhclient) whether
you can specify the subnetmask..

But fist, you should try bring up your interface with a static IP first
and see whether you connect fine. From my experience something's wrong
with the connection if you don't get an ip from a dhcp. Do also check
whether the AP is able to see you (check the AP's logs..)

| Another strange thing is, that one does have to log-in to be able to
| surf the net. In windows, when the connection is up, Firefox
| automatically connects to a secure login page, https://login,...., while
| I can't connect at all in ubuntu.

That's maybe cause you don't have an ip yet..?!

| Anyone?
| Greets,
| Bernhard


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