Evolution : oh my god !

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at modulonet.fr
Mon May 9 02:33:33 UTC 2005

> Ok not the same problem then.. 
> I did a quick search on the evolution bugzilla and got only three hits
> for :-P

Yeah, this certainly means that Evo is perfect ! ;-)

> non of them anything like your problem.. if you can replicate it try
> submit a report...

I didn't do anything special to "trigger" it, I was simply typing an
e-mail to this list. And I bloody hope I will NOT be able to replicate
it, I hope it will NEVER do it again. It was real scary ! :-/ 
Certainly a show stopper, critical rated bug, if Hoary were still in
development, but alas, it's over now. So all I can do is hope that it
will never do it again... brrr ! :o(


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