chmod problem

Matthew S-H hellzfury at
Sat May 7 03:34:51 UTC 2005

I just made a slight "oopsie".
I was changing the permissions of everything in a directory inside my
home folder recursively, and I meant to type "chmod 777 .a*", but I
accidentally typed "chmod 777 .*".  I stopped it in the middle of what
it was doing right after noticing an error referring to a file it
couldn't change the permissions of.  It stopped while in the middle of
changing permissions something in a directory within my home
Now everything in my home folder with a starting letter before "L" (i
guess it was doing it in alphabetic order) has the permissions 777
(rwx for all users).  Does anyone know of any way I can get back the
defaults?  Or of any way I can have the permissions reverted to the
way they were less than 10 minutes ago?
Note that my last backup was a LONG time ago.  I'd rather deal with
unrestricted permissions than with losing all of my recent work.


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