Switching between two partitions

John Nicholls john.nicholls at acslink.aone.net.au
Fri May 6 09:55:30 UTC 2005

Magnus Therning wrote:
> On Thu, May 05, 2005 at 01:05:36PM +1000, John Nicholls wrote:
>>I have Warty on one partition and Hoary on another. How can I switch
>>between the two without having to reboot?
> If you trully want to switch between them, e.g. run the Hoary kernel
> instead of the Warty kernel then you have to reboot.
> If you only want access to the data on the other partition you can just
> mount it. If you want a little bit more you can explore chroot.

I followed the instructions in the Debian Reference Manual for using 
chroot, and this was successful. The system boots into Warty, and I can 
use ctrl-alt-F9 to get into Hoary and ctrl-alt-F7 to get back to Warty. 
It means I am using the Warty kernel all the time, but I'll try later to 
substitute the Hoary one.

Thanks for your help

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