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Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at modulonet.fr
Fri May 6 13:30:56 UTC 2005

> rubbish... 800x600 is perfectly fine provided you start using smaller fonts. 
> I'm using Ubuntu on an old laptop at 800x600 with no problems. Mind you, I'm 
> NOT using gnome, but using xfce4.2

Ubuntu comes wih Gnome, not XFCE... AFAIK.
I don't even remotely picture my friend finding his way around XFCE, he
would probably throw his laptop violently on the ground after a couple
minutes with it. Even I, can't live with XFCE more than 5 minutes, so my
friend, who can barely spell the word cumputer, so to speak, is light
years from using anything but the latest Gnome.
But again, Linux will never makeit on his machine, so no point
discussing really :-/

> ahh, my heart bleeds for you... ;) I'm currently typing this up at 1280x1024 
> on a 21" TFT display...
> my display cost more than my PC, 

Yes, the 17" CRT I am fancying costs about 200 Euros, whereas my 3 year
old nForce motherboard with 1700+ Athlon XP CPU probably costs 5 times
less than that nowadays... :-/

> but then again, I spend more time looking at 
> the display than at the PC...

Exactly. Acoustic comfort came first in my list. Now that this sorted,
visual comfort is going to be next. But, money doesn't grow on trees
sadly, so spending 200 Euros to replace an old but decently working
monitor, is not exactly the highest priority in my bankers' eyes... :o(


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