Eric Dunbar eric.dunbar at
Fri May 6 11:51:50 UTC 2005

Can we please let this @#!$!%% thread die a dignified death.

Yes, I know. Top posting is the greatest evil in the world. Bottom
posting is for losers. And, insert posting is for the brain dead.

They're all bad, bad, bad.

Top posting is good for computer illiterates, for short e-mails, or
for discussions between only a few people happening in a very short
period (over one day, for e.g. when everyone can still remember what
was said before).

Selective responding (insert posting) is good for addressing complex
e-mails with a variety of issues/questions.

Bottom posting is good for on-going discussions where the previous
content is important for context.

Yes, we know they all have their time and place. It's not like
reply-to-list or reply-to-sender (hope this doesn't start a flame war
on that subject) where there's a distinct advantage (notice the lack
of flame wars since that policy was changed in January :-) and the use
of one over the other can be enforced.

Let's get on with discussing things more pertinent to Ubuntu? How
about a philosophical discussion of the evils of GPL-only fanaticism


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