Current sources list?

Steve Haines haines at
Fri May 6 11:16:51 UTC 2005

Thanks to Dennis, David, and BB, I now have sources.list straightened 
out. Thanks to all.

Now, a couple of questions to help me understand how the system works.

I started with a Warty CD. Then update-upgrade from the Warty 
repositories, with universe and multiverse added.

Then I added the KDE and XFCE desktops.

Next, I pointed all the repositories at Hoary, eliminating the Warty 
references. Update, upgrade (several times), then dist-upgrade (also 
several times)

Finally after messing up my sources.list, I used the set of repositories 
suggested by Dennis. Again, update, upgrade, dist-upgrade. Everything 
looks fine, no further upgrades available for the moment.

Here are the questions:

1. Is my current system simply Hoary, not a Warty/Hoary hybrid?

2. Are the apps and libraries now the same as what they would have been 
if I had started with a Hoary CD, and updated-upgraded from the net?

3. Do I have all the content that would have been installed from the 
Hoary CD? (Apart from the extra KDE and XFCE stuff)

Thanks for all the help all of you have given! Steve in Paraguay

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