Postfix and Courier will not receive mail

Tom Adelstein adelste at
Thu May 5 14:17:23 UTC 2005

On Wed, 2005-05-04 at 21:20 -0700, Lance Earl wrote:
> --- Joe 'Zonker' Brockmeier <ubuntu at> wrote:
> > Tom Adelstein wrote:
> > *snip*
> > 
> > > Can we troubleshoot this on the mailing list
> > rather than sending Lance
> > > out on a Google hunting trip? It could be valuable
> > for the list, the
> > > archive and we could make a howto out of it. What
> > do you say?
> > 
> > I'm perfectly willing to help Lance, but I found the
> > information I
> > needed to configure Postfix by searching Google for
> > some of the howto's
> > that were written up by other folks who had
> > configured Postfix on Debian
> > -- so I suggested that Lance do the same. Teach a
> > person to fish, and
> > all that.
> > 
> I did a lot of googling before posting to this list
> and struck out. I am here because I don't know where
> else to turn.
> Lance

Lance, from your answers you need to get up to date on DNS which is an
important part of configuring a public web site with mail. This is a
comprehensive and easy to understand howto.

and this one will help

As Tony Arnold suggested, you need some configuration changes in the
standard Postfix configuration. So, here are a couple of decent links:
config.shtml (very good)

Here's a Courier-Postfix-ldap howto. I suggest it in the event your want
to use virtual accounts as opposed to client accounts on the the

Also, you'll find this link useful for Courier and Postfix -

and this one will also provide excellent background

Since this is your first attempt, IMHO, you will benefit from reading
the background and the configuration steps. You didn't tackle the
easiest subject in the Linux world. But, you'll find that this is
Linux's bread and butter.

You'll have questions, please ask the mailing list for help.

It will benefit everyone if you report your experience even write down
the steps you took and get back to us. 

Also, it will not take you very long to read and understand the links


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