Yannick Le Saint (kyncani) y.lesaint at
Thu May 5 10:20:08 UTC 2005

On Wed, 2005-05-04 at 18:14 -0700, Bob Nielsen wrote:
> >  I think you should remove marillat's repositories and enable
> > multiverse :
> >  This way mplayer-386 will be pulled from ubuntu's multiverse
> > repositories.
> That would probably work, but he may need other things from marillat's
> repository.  Doing 'apt-cache policy mplayer-386' would show which
> versions are available and which the system wants to install.  I suspect
> that reverting to an earlier version of mplayer would resolve the
> problem "apt-get install mplayer-386=<version>".

  Yeah, i know (and completely agree). My personnal choice is an
apt-pinning setup with ubuntu's repositories (hoary + breezy), debian
testing and marillat .. and even that would not automagically pull
transcode in :(

  Better remove marillat's repositories if one lets them have the same
priority than ubuntu hoary methinks.

Yannick Le Saint (kyncani) <y.lesaint at>
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