Changing dimensions of a Screen in XOrg at runtime

Reinhard Tartler siretart at
Thu May 5 08:08:19 UTC 2005


Is this possible at all in Xorg? Consider the following: Works on his
laptop at home, where he uses his external 1280x1024 display in
Xinerama mode with his internal 1024x768 display. After finishing
work, he suspends his laptop. Next morning, he leaves home, and wants
to continue work in train, but without his external display. So he
boots his laptop to find that the application on his external Display
are not accessible anymore.

Later, at work he connects his laptop to an external Display with
1400x1080. He gets back his old applications, but the display is only
driven at 1280x1024, the dimensions of his home display.

You get the idea what I mean. Is it possible to change the dimensions
of a screen in Xorg at runtime, so Bob would not need to edit his
/etc/X11/Xorg.conf and restart X11 (and with this all his
applications)? Are there any plans at for this?

What workarounds for this are you using? Restarting X11 is my
workaround, but that isn't really satisfying :(


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