Hoary doesn't detect network card (Thinkpad T20)

Nathan Jones nathanj at optimo.com.au
Thu May 5 04:41:04 UTC 2005

Bryan Murdock wrote:
>I can gather acpi does not work with the Thinkpad T20.  Appending
>those options to the kernel line fixed my network card issues.  While
>I do have a different brand of network card in my T20 than you do, I
>suggest you make sure you've done this correctly.  I just found these
[snip remaining advice]

Thanks for the further tips. I shall work on it more tonight/tomorrow and
see how I go.

>I'm thinking Hoary Hedgehog and Thinkpad T20s just don't mix well. 

If I have no luck with Hoary, I might even go back to Warty. My use of
the machine is rather basic, so I'm happy to regress, particularly since
Hoary (well, Gnome 2 probably) is noticably more resource hungry on
this feeble machine.

Nathan Jones

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