Postfix and Courier will not receive mail

Joe 'Zonker' Brockmeier ubuntu at
Thu May 5 00:39:27 UTC 2005

Hi Lance,

> I am able to connect and send mail using balsa.
> However, when I send emailto the server either from
> the server itself or from my Yahoo account, it never
> arrives. I also did not receive a bounce notice to my
> Yahoo account. The message message just went to
> virtual somewhere and died.

I did a quick dig and see that you do have an MX record set up for your
domain, and the server is up and responding - but not on port 25. Port
143 is IMAP only (unless you've done some very odd configuration) --
normally, you'd want to receive mail on the SMTP port (25).

Are you sure Postfix is running and set up to accept mail for the domain?

Is postfix configured to listen on all ports? (see the
/etc/postfix/ file - "inet_interfaces")

Note, I haven't set up Postfix on Ubuntu, but have set it up a number of
times on Debian - and I expect it should be very, very similar. You
might try Googling for debian and postfix. There are a number of decent
resources, though you might have to hit two or three to pull together
everything you need if your setup is complicated.



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