vncserver and hoary

paulnec ulist at
Wed May 4 21:31:30 UTC 2005

Hello buxtor.

Our problem is even more frustrating, as i tried to install several
vnc-servers on my ubuntu.....

With the original vncserver and xstartup-script the keymapping is
completly out of order.

I could not fined any correctly working combination.

It is even more redicolous, because i am just writing this posting from
a Gentoo-Machine which i operate via a Win2000-PC.

All the keys @,| are working.

In the past all the vnc-programs were absolutely reliable products, so
i hope for a solution in our problem.

Another hint:

I always used vnc with KDE.

Now i tried it with the new Gnome 2.4. 

Maybe this is the problem ?

so long, paul.


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