error message after upgrade with update-manager

jaegen ulist at
Wed May 4 20:27:47 UTC 2005

Well now that I'm drying out my PC ...   ;-) 

I confess - perhaps "solved" wasn't the right word.

I had tried un-prelinking OO.O though, with no luck.  It seems apt-get
was trying to re-prelink, and not succeeding.  Removing prelink
obviously made this impossible, and made apt-get work finally.  I
didn't think to try re-prelinking myself, and I haven't tried
re-installing prelink.  To be honest I was a bit wary of prelink in the
first place, and on my PC it didn't seem to have any noticeable affect
anyways, so I was just happy to not have apt-get whining at me anymore.
(Not that I'm upset it was whining - I loved that it kept trying again
every time I ran it, rather than collapsing in a heap and permanently
screwing up OO.O)



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