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John Levin john at
Wed May 4 11:12:47 UTC 2005

On 4 May 2005, at 02:03, Mathew Nowend wrote:

> Can anyone suggest or know of any books
>  for helping with Ubuntu?   I checked
>  Barnes & Nobles, Books a Million, and
>  amazon and nothing really popped up.

As others have said, there aren't any ubuntu-specific books as yet.
There are some books on Debian, although many seem to be quite out of 

I don't know what you're looking for (introductions, basic primers, 
hardcore technical specifications), but one book I like is 'Linux 
Desktop Hacks' by Petreley and Bacon, pub. O'Reilly. 
( There's a few sample 
hacks on the website to give you a taste.

Clearly written, geared towards the desktop user (as opposed to the 
developer), it's platform-agnostic, but much of it applies to ubuntu - 
and what doesn't will generally apply to Kubuntu.

linux for humans

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