Firefox blocks my firefox in hoary ubuntu

Christoph Bier christoph.bier at
Wed May 4 09:14:26 UTC 2005

sgbeamer schrieb:
> I am having this firefox lockup problem as well.  It seems to be certain
> websites will trigger it.  My gnome screen completely freezes except for
> my mouse which will move all around with no problems but does not
> actually let me click anything.  The keyboard vanishes and I can't even
> get a terminal window.  The only way to get to the machine is log in
> remotely and kill gnome or the X server.

Are you really sure it only happens with firefox?  At first I also
thought it was firefox, because firefox was one of the first
application to use on that PC.  So I stopped using firefox and
everything seemed to be ok for some sessions (short sessions,
because it's only the experimental PC until it works reliable).  But
then again the GUI froze also using an xterm or synaptic.

> Hardware - amd64 3000 with Nvidia 4400MX AGP video

So you use the nv driver, too?  Maybe one should try the VESA driver
to see if the nv driver is to blame for the crashes. I'll check this


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