Install CD : RAID0 ??

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at
Tue May 3 18:28:28 UTC 2005

> For reference, the reason it doesn't work the first way is that there is
> no way to get GRUB to boot from a software raid 0 (striping) set at all,
> since it would need to reassemble the data from bits stored on each
> drive and GRUB just isn't smart enough. 

Hmmm... maybe GRUB 2, which is under heavy development as I gather, will
be an opportunity to improve RAID support... :-)

> You approach sidesteps the problem, which is a perfectly sensible way of
> doing things; raid 0's advantages don't really apply to booting. 

Yes, that's why I found it perfectly acceptable to create a separate
partition for /boot, as it makes everything much simpler, yet hardly
wastes any significant space and as you said, system performance at boot
is massively irrelevant.

> To be honest, the fact that the installer let you try to set up boot
> from raid 0 seems to me to be an installer bug; I wouldn't be too
> surprised as I also had it set up an unbootable system (not yet
> bugzillad but it will be once I've nailed down some details).

Yes, would be nice if it had told me "Sorry Vince, I cant install GRUB
on a RAID0 device, please create a separate partition for /boot, and
turn its bootable flag on".
But maybe I am asking too much. To be fair, though, I guess not many
people use RAID on a desktop machine, and the few who do (unlike me, as
I wanted to experiment...), most likely know of this GRUB issue anyway.
So, would be great if the installer could be a little more user friendly
for Breezy, but I would understand it if it gets a very low priority...

Maybe I could post a suggestion on the ubuntu-devel mailing list, or
write it in some idea pool wiki page, if there is an official one
somewhere, that does get looked at by the devs.


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