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On Sat, 2005-30-04 at 21:29 -0400, Stephen R Laniel wrote:

> I don't seem to have a manpage for evolution on this end, so
> I can't see what the story is with the --component=mail
> flag. In any case, they go to the same program on my end.
> I've not used the other components of the Evolution suite,
> but maybe the one under the Office menu opens (or is leaving
> open the option to open) into the full suite, including the
> calendar and so forth.

if you use "evolution --component=mail", evolution starts by showing you
your e-mails.  If you don't specify "--component...", evolution will
start using the last menu you were in.  So if you quit evolution while
editing your contacts for example, and restart it by simply typing
"evolution", you will restart in your contacts once again.

So the "--component=mail" in the menus ensure that you start evolution
as an e-mail software.  No "--component=mail" in the other gnome menu
option ensure that evolution starts with whatever component of evolution
you were working last before you quit.

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