Stephen R Laniel steve at laniels.org
Sun May 1 01:29:42 UTC 2005

On Sun, May 01, 2005 at 11:18:56AM +1000, Russell Cook wrote:
> The Internet menu has the following command line
>     evolution --component=mail
> The office menu has
>     evolution-2.2

On my end, I have

(21:26) slaniel at TheloniousMonk:~$ which evolution
(21:26) slaniel at TheloniousMonk:~$ ls `!!`
ls `which evolution`
lrwxrwxrwx  1 root root 13 2005-04-16 15:02 /usr/bin/evolution -> evolution-2.2

So the two are identical. In turn, evolution-2.2 is

(21:27) slaniel at TheloniousMonk:~$ which evolution-2.2
(21:27) slaniel at TheloniousMonk:~$ ls `!!`
ls `which evolution-2.2 `
-rwxr-xr-x  1 root root 157K 2005-04-06 12:22 /usr/bin/evolution-2.2
I don't seem to have a manpage for evolution on this end, so
I can't see what the story is with the --component=mail
flag. In any case, they go to the same program on my end.
I've not used the other components of the Evolution suite,
but maybe the one under the Office menu opens (or is leaving
open the option to open) into the full suite, including the
calendar and so forth.

Stephen R. Laniel
steve at laniels.org
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