the wonderful world of bugtracking

Oliver Grawert hostmaster at
Thu Mar 31 21:28:57 UTC 2005

hi community,

MOTU is happy to announce the official start of the new bugtracking
system for Universe. We very much thank Brad Bollenbach for giving his
baby into our coarse hands to raise it :)

And indeed thanks to the rest of the Launchpad team that cares for all
this infrastructure and Mark Shuttleworth who deserves being hugged from
everyone in the community for bringing in the newest and greatest of
Bugtracking Software for us all.

So now, grab your bag with universe bugs, go to malone and help us grow
up this kid to the shiniest bug tracker in the OSS world.
Go to , ring for the
portier, leave your bugs at the reception and experience the love of
well made Software.
But keep in mind, it might still be a little rowdy ;)

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