Problem installing Hoary on AMD64 Asus K8S-MX

Anders Wallenquist anders.wallenquist at
Thu Mar 31 21:19:39 UTC 2005

Matt Zimmerman wrote:

>On Thu, Mar 31, 2005 at 06:49:09PM +0200, Anders Wallenquist wrote:
>>Matt Zimmerman wrote:
>>>In this case, it would seem that the drivers do not yet support your
>>* SiS RAID Driver for Linux (kernel2.6.10) 
>><> *
>>File name
>>	sis18x_2.6.10_1.00.00.tgz
>>	v2.6.10_1.00.00 
>>Release date
>>	2005-02-16
>>Product supported
>>	SiS180, SiS965, SiS964, SiS965L,
>>File size
>>	8KB
>>OS supported
>>	Linux,
>>I have downloaded this, but it seems to be identical with the drivers 
>>shipped with ubuntu 2.6.10-kernel. Or have I missed something?
>You said you have an SiS182; the driver description above says SiS180.
Well, its taken from the SiS760 download page...

>>As a AMD64 (Socket 754/micro ATX) user I have only found motherboards 
>>based on two chipsets; SiS760 and Via K8T800. Is it only K8T800 that 
>>there are support for to day?
>The nForce chipsets are well supported.  I have no experience with either of
>the ones you mention.
I believe the lack of buying guides for supported hardware for a 
specific kernel/distribution are a huge problem. In the perspective that 
the strategy of choosing drivers to bundle with a certain kernel 
(especialy on the install media) also gives us what boxes that are 
supported. When designing the AMD64-K8-kernel the chipsets that are 
developed for that processor are very limited and it whould be logical 
that check a few of these product-lines with the choosen drivers. As 
long as that home-work are done (and documented) we also have the basics 
for a buying guide. Maybe this information exists, but few knows where 
to find and how to read.

Today its just like a lottery when buying new computers.

We have a good local dealer for servers that can tell (and sometime 
test) the configurations with a certen kernel before delivery to 
end-user. That is worth more than we pay them, a non-working server, or 
working after ours of  hacking, can cost more than a working W2K3-server.

But buying laptops and PCs are a djungle. We havent found any local 
PC-dealer that knows more than nothing. Its just buy, test and ebay :-(

After looking closely to eight motherboards recommended by the dealer we 
found only SiS760 and Via K8T800 (nForce are new to me). Maybe a Via 
K8T800 whould have been a better choice? Buy, test and ebay ;-)

So if the AMD64-K8 are built for nForce-based motherboards its very 
useful information

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