Philippe Landau lists at mailry.net
Thu Mar 31 04:57:01 UTC 2005

Daniel Robitaille wrote:
>>do you want to say that mine should work too ?
>>or that i'm a rare exception ?
> My point was that in some case these cheap motherboards work seems to
> work fine with Ubuntu, and someone bad experience 
someone's bad experience ?
hey, it's not voodoo.
it's a question of broad hardware support.
knoppix for example is known for it,
other linux distributions care less.

> cannot be generalized to everyone with the same model type.
as you write, we do not have the same model.

> (actually mine is K7S41GX while the it seems the model 
> quoted in the first email in this thread was a K7S41; 
> maybe the "GX" makes a difference...)
yes, the GX is the predecessor with the slower Front Side Bus.

>  > also, can you read the CPU temperature and if so how ?
> Actually I don't know if it can from Ubuntu;  it one of these thing I
> never figured out how to do. The BIOS can do it, that I know since I
> have seen temperature measurements from the BIOS setup menu; but I
> never tried from within Ubuntu, but would love if someone would tell
> me how to do it.

kind regards     philippe

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