Philippe Landau lists at mailry.net
Thu Mar 31 01:42:43 UTC 2005

Vincent Trouilliez wrote:
>>right. /proc/acpi/thermal_zone is empty, many others too.
>>there is even a battery and sony folder there. why ?
> Yeah, I too have many empty folders as well, nothing to worry about...
but why a sony folder ?

>>the manual for my AsRock K7S41 motherboard says i can monitor CPU temperature.
>>also Ubuntu Device Manager does not see the type of my processor (AMD Sempron 2200+) and i have still no sound.
>>maybe this cheap hardware is just not supported by ubuntu ?
> Ah...well...looking bad...maybe you need to get a more common/better
> supported motherboard then... :-/ 
oh, this is a very popular/common hardware combination.

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