Hoary Array 6: possible postfix configuration error? - mail.log

LaMont Jones lamont.jones at ubuntu.com
Wed Mar 30 00:50:23 UTC 2005

On Mon, Mar 14, 2005 at 11:38:17AM +1100, Rob Chanter wrote:
> On Thu, 2005-03-10 at 13:50 +0100, Herbert Straub wrote:
> > But there is no aliases.db in /etc/... In the postinst procedure of the 
> > postfix package, there is a part containing the newalises command. 
> Yeah, you shouldn't have to run newaliases by hand for a fresh install.
> It looks like the Ubuntu postinst script is basically unmodified from
> Lamont Jones' Debian package.

Which makes sense...

> Wietse's /etc/postfix/post-install is intended to be used by packages as
> well as the source installation procedure. It doesn't run newaliases but
> will throw a message reminding you to do so.

The issue here was actually that debootstrap replaces sendmail with
/bin/true until the end of the debootstrap run, and newaliases is a
symlink to sendmail. :-(  The fix for hoary is to use postalias, instead
of newaliases, in the postinst.  For breezy, postfix shouldn't be part
of base, so it'll get a chance to really install without interference.


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