GPG Solved

Clayton Anderson anderc at
Tue Mar 29 17:42:21 UTC 2005

Shawn Christopher wrote:
> Ok,
>    Now that I have driven everyone completly insane I do believe it is
> Evolution. Last night at the idea of someone on the irc channel they
> suggested that I download thunderbird and attempt that. Well so I did
> and installed Enigmail which I do have to say works perfect. It looks
> like everything is good and I might not use Evolution again.
> Shawn
I got Evolution to work well with Thunderbird gpg/MIME-encoded mail by
editing my ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf file:

Near the end of gpg.conf, comment out the line that reads, "user-agent",
and the last line, which starts with "gpg-agent-info ..."

Everything worked fine afterwards.


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