fsck errors at boot

Robert Crosbie swingincelt at gmail.com
Tue Mar 29 15:00:50 UTC 2005

I'm getting a fsck error at boot thats a bit confusing:

Filesystem is Clean.
Filesystem seems to have fatal corruptions.  Running with
--rebuild-tree is required.
  *ev/sda1: clean  33/522240 files, 80815/1044193 blocks       [fail]
  * fsck failed. Please repair manually.

It seems to be referring to /dev/sda1, but that is my boot partition
which is ext3 and fsck doesn't have a --rebuild-tree option as far as
I can tell.  I've tried running fsck -pcfv and the partition comes up

I do have a reiserfs /dev/sda3, but I've also run fsck --check and
--rebuild-tree and it always comes out clean also.  If I continue with
Ctrl-d the system boots and runs without any problems as far as I can

What file system checks are being run at boot?  How would I fix this problem?


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