Memory card reader (USB port) : ins and outs ?

Daniel Robitaille robitaille at
Sun Mar 27 22:51:58 UTC 2005

 > Maybe Hoary makes it more plug&play, but after testing Hoary for 2
> months, I am not too hot about it anymore. Plus, the hard drive I used
> to use to test it, died the other day, so no way to install it anymore
> anyway :-/ don't want to risk a "dist-upgrade", brrrr !

I forget:  what are the problems you had with Hoary such that you will
skip it until the next version in the fall?  I remember you mentioning
problems a few times on the list, but can't remember the details.

Right now I'm totally the opposite:  I have zero problems with Hoary,
and I'm  just waiting for the official release to totally switch to
Hoary from Warty on my home machine (I dual-boot both versions)

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