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On Sun, 27 Mar 2005 09:45:25 -0700, Shawn Christopher
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> > But I still think that the design of certain parts of Windows is just
> > opening up doors for virus writers, etc.
> > You can use VB to write a program that can do anything on a system by
> > using ActiveX controls and OCX components.
> This is true...however again for the ease of the user. My company does
> alot of activeX and we do the most "hands off" production items so the
> members don't have to

Unfortunately, it seems that you have to choose between security and
user friendlyness.  MS has opted to focus more on the user expereice,
while Linux is still putting security first.

It seems as if Apple has managed to get the golden middleway.  They
have a secure and user-friendly system, but then again, they do have a
relative niche market, they don't try to cater for everyone and

BEOS was also well on thier way to achive this, until MS killed them off.

I have mixed feelings about user-friendlieness.  I think a home PC
should maybe be more specialised.  You buy a PC to read mail, browse
the web and write the odd document.  Then you buy an addon that a
technicain come and install.  Normal users should never be able to do
How many people open up thier TV or VCR?
Normally you take it to a repair shop to have it fixed or serviced.
These days a PC should be the same, like the Playstation.  It has been
designed for a specific purpose and it does it well.  You cannot
easily go and add stuff to it, etc.

But I know this view will not go down well with most people and
certainly not with marketing, so I will now don my anti-flame suit. 

PS:  I just returned from working with freaking AciveX and VB.  I hate
both, but unfortunately the system I need to integrate to only support
ActiveX for certain functions and they don't support the Borland dev
tools, so I had to use VB.  I have to grant that VB works very good
with ActiveX and COM, but I know I will spend long hours stabilising
the thing so that it works on all the workstations of the customer.
But then, Python on Linux works just as easy.
Now I feel dirty again...

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