Need to reinstall grub

Art Alexion art.alexion at
Sun Mar 27 14:49:38 UTC 2005

Art Alexion wrote:

> Grub was installed on my MBR on hda.  It seems that hda has given up 
> the ghost.  Not much lost (win98 that came with computer), but now I 
> can't boot (currently running knoppix).  Boot is a continuous loop 
> from the mem test to going through the BIOS-defined boot drives, then 
> back to the mem test.
> How can I get the computer to boot from hdb (where linux, the kernel, 
> and the grub program are located).  To be more precise, I don't really 
> understand where the grub program is located, but I think most of it 
> is in /boot/grub on /dev/hdb2.
> If anyone can walk me through this using knoppix, that would be 
> wonderful.  I have the Knoppix 2.6.9 kernel loaded.  The Ubuntu kernel 
> on /dev/hdb2 is a 2.6.8-1 kernel.

Getting there, but still stuck.

I ran /sbin/grub

At the grub> prompt, I ran

    root (hd1,1)

because the kernel is on /dev/hdb2, and I am led to believe that grub 
always starts at 0.  Then I ran

    setup (hd1)

The command seemed to work, but I still can't boot, because hdb (or hd1) 
is not the boot drive.  Do I change this in the bios or with cfdisk?

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