Downloading Hoary with jigdo

Robert Parker bposs at
Sun Mar 27 14:36:58 UTC 2005

On Sunday 27 March 2005 17:29, you wrote:
> I had this same problem. If you dont mind Ubuntu with KDE, go to
> and download their CD. My downloaded fine ,and seems
> to work OK.
> Regards George

Thanks George, might give it a try.

For now I've given up on it and am downloading the full isos.
A real waste of bandwidth because around 25% of the debs are for all 
architectures so even if you are going from scratch you still save a bit.

However, I intend to mirror the isos, and supply Hoary cds to those who want 
them until the freebies are available (if at all), so I'd prefer to keep them 
updated by jigdo if at all possible.

Further to my first post.
The jigdos and templates dated 10 March have many files missing from
the mirror whence I obtained the templates has no files at all.

There are jigdos and templates dated 17th March on (iirc) 
(CD7) and these are totally useless.


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