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On Fri, 25 Mar 2005 16:40:37 -0500, Matthew S-H <mathbymath at> wrote:
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> > Also, more sensitive data are stored on UNIX and Linux servers around
> > the world.  Would that not be better targets than the average PC at
> > home?
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> I would think that what you said would hold true for hackers, but not
> for viruses.  Hackers would be interested in the wealth of information,
> whereas viruses would be interested in extremely vulnerable systems to
> spread their mayhem.  Those systems with sensitive data also usually
> have increased protection, and thus would be harder targets to hit.

Yes, with most current viruses, that is true, although a virus can be
used to destroy data and that can be used to attack your competition.
AFAIK, some of the earlier viruses has been designed for this purpose.

This also reminds me of another factor;
Most of the newer viruses are VB scripts.  In the good old days of
DOS, you had to know your stuff to write a virus.
These days, any pimple-faced kid with enough time and motivation can
write a Windows virus with VB, it does not require a lot of skill. MS
have lowered the required skill level of a virus writer. One would
think it should be increased.

To write a Linux virus/trojan, you still need a very high skill level.
 Any kid with a VB IDE cannot write a Linux virus.
I think that due to this, we won't easily see mindless Linux viruses
that are only aimed to show how l33t you are, because most people who
have the skill to write a successful Linux virus are way past the l33t
So, you might see viruses/trojans that are more focused on specific targets.

What do other people think?
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