Thunderbird/Warty bugs

Philippe Landau lists at
Fri Mar 25 14:55:38 UTC 2005

hello Art

3 days ago i posted how you can easily install thunderbird 1.0.2:

kind regards     philippe


Art Alexion wrote:
> This is a production machine and I am sticking with Warty until the 
> Hoary bugs are substantially worked out.
> I have been using Thunderbird 0.8 which is the version in the Warty 
> repositories.  It has some bugs which have been becoming increasingly 
> annoying.  Specifically, the .msf mail folder indexes become regularly 
> corrupted with problems such as multiple entries for single pieces of 
> mail and the inability to download POP mail into a folder corrupted this 
> way.  The solution is simple, exit T-bird, delete the affected msf file, 
> and restart T-bird.  Other annoyances include Ctrl-u not working to 
> delete the contents of an address or subject field as in usual in *nix, 
> and Ctrl+a not working as documented to select a thread.
> I understand that the first (most serious) and third problems are 
> corrected in later releases of T-bird (the disabling or Ctrl+u seems to 
> be in a lot of the Ubuntu apps though it always worked with other 
> distros; is there a way to restore this?), and want to upgrade.  apt-get 
> wont do the upgrade though I have added Hoary, Debian and Universe 
> repositories to my sources.list.  What do I need to do to enable this?  
> (Ubuntu is my first apt-based distro)

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