Thunderbird/Warty bugs

Art Alexion art.alexion at
Fri Mar 25 14:41:53 UTC 2005

This is a production machine and I am sticking with Warty until the 
Hoary bugs are substantially worked out.

I have been using Thunderbird 0.8 which is the version in the Warty 
repositories.  It has some bugs which have been becoming increasingly 
annoying.  Specifically, the .msf mail folder indexes become regularly 
corrupted with problems such as multiple entries for single pieces of 
mail and the inability to download POP mail into a folder corrupted this 
way.  The solution is simple, exit T-bird, delete the affected msf file, 
and restart T-bird.  Other annoyances include Ctrl-u not working to 
delete the contents of an address or subject field as in usual in *nix, 
and Ctrl+a not working as documented to select a thread.

I understand that the first (most serious) and third problems are 
corrected in later releases of T-bird (the disabling or Ctrl+u seems to 
be in a lot of the Ubuntu apps though it always worked with other 
distros; is there a way to restore this?), and want to upgrade.  apt-get 
wont do the upgrade though I have added Hoary, Debian and Universe 
repositories to my sources.list.  What do I need to do to enable this?  
(Ubuntu is my first apt-based distro)


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