Gubuntu (Portage in Ubuntu) :)

Pat Martin pmartin at
Thu Mar 24 16:08:38 UTC 2005

I don't know how many people here are familiar with FreeBSD, but 
wouldn't it be nice to have something like what FreeBSD does with 
reference to ports. I know Gentoo is trying to copy that but they don't 
quite get the idea. See with FreeBSD you can install the package or 
install it from ports (compiling). Also when you have installed from 
ports if you want to remove the software you can use the package manger 
because it installs it as a package! I have thought it would make more 
sense to have a package system like most linux systems have but then 
have a support of a ports like system that compiles things (so you can 
customize the package) but still installs the software as a package.


>You are correct. Portage is Gentoo's Source/Binary package management
>I see no purpose of it here in Ubuntu... Only POSSIBLE reason is that
>Portage has Java and other restricted stuff, but just blatantly putting
>Portage on Ubuntu isn't the correct way of solving that problem!

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